Youtubers making it big. – Earning a lot of money just having fun…

Millions and billions of people watch endless choices of Youtube  videos daily while billions of dollars are earned by vloggers. There are so many different categories that each and every person can find something that suits his taste, matches his interests and captivates his attention. From beauty to let´s plays, from challenges to pranks, from horror to comedy – but who are the most popular ones? Actual youtubers who sit in front of a camera and make funny, scary, informative, entertaining videos and much more. Some Youtubers live from the videos they make and also have fun doing it so anyone can do it so why not you?  There are Youtubers earning millions of dollars every year just because they are standing in front of a camera captivating an audience of more than 40 million subscribers. One cannot argue that fame earns millions, launching careers from humble beginnings to worldwide recognition.

So what is it that captures the people’s interest while producing incomes. It can range from a simple video about how to make soap to making music or providing entertainment. DIY´s are extremely popular as whenever you have a question of how to do something you can immediately find the solution. Lifehacks are about how you can make your life easier saving time and money. Challenges comprise one of the most funniest categories on youtube. Let´s play documents youtubers playing games live with commentaries. Pranks including mean tricks played on others make for funny viewing. Testing products, for example, unbreakable objects or beauty items. The sky is the limit to finding one’s choices.

Among the myriad youtubers there are high-flyers hitting the charts of top earners. One of the highest earners is PiewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) with more than 53 million subscribers. He earned approximately 15 million Euros in the year 2016. Not only English speaking youtubers earn a lot. There are also some German speaking youtubers who earn high salaries. For example BibisBeautyPalace who not only brings out videos but also made up her own mark named Bilou. She earns around 13 Thousand  Euros every month. Both of them started off with zero subscribers and ended in a few Million. That shows how quickly one’s life can change just by posting some fun videos on Youtube.

Summarizing: These youtubers start off with a couple of videos and end in their own brand names. A lot of youtubers have their own shops where they sell a lot of different items. Some sell albums some sell clothes some sell books and some sell just about anything. In other words they even launch they own books, for example, Zoe Sugg wrote a trilogy called “Girl Online”. In fact almost all of the top earners have their own online shops and some have their own brand names.  Evidently youtube opens the door for career opportunities for many young people at a point in time when there is high youth unemployment.

Looking back in history clearly illustrates that television took over the radio and youtube is slowly but surely replacing television among the young population. This is only the beginning. In every case a big message to the young people – who like sitting in front of a camera – is: film yourself doing funny things and maybe after a few years you will be the next youtube-star.

Autorin des Beitrages: Nira Hrisenko, geboren in Österreich, hat einen slowakischen Vater und eine indische Mutter, die in Südafrika aufgewachsen ist und mit ihrer Tochter Englisch spricht.

Mitarbeit: Florian Müller

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